Why your business will fail

11/07/2019 0 By Craig D
Why your business will fail

Most of the people listening to this pod cast will not make a million pound per year, some of you wont even make that in a life time.

Let me tell you why

1 – you do not have a business plan, people think business plans are over rated. Let me just explain to you why they are not over rated. – If you have no road map then you do not know what direction to take. Your mind will wander and you will move to the next shiny object. Get a business plan in place and read it everyday. Execute, do analysis and adapt it every month.

2 – your goal is too big – Now I am always telling you to reach for the moon and if you fall short then at least you reach the stars and this is correct – but break your target down into monthly figures, weekly figures or even daily figures. That way you know how much you need to achive per day

90% of people who start their own business fail. So why not partner with someone who has an established business, sounds too good to be true? Well become an affiliate marketer. The upfront costs are normally nothing. Advertise it to your friends and family and spend £10 a day on Facebook adds to see what the outcome is. Look at the results and make sure your adds are targetted.

But if you already have your own business and it is not as sucsesful as you would like it to be then get yourself a coach, someone you can bounce ideas about and use their outsiders view on how to take your business forward.

All the top business people and millionairs all have their own coaches. It dosnt mean the coach is better than them, it is someone who you can lean on and they can make you accountable. As we all put the things off that we dont want to do.. Take Action Today