Top Tips For Anxiety

09/01/2020 0 By Craig D
Top Tips For Anxiety

Do you feel anxious before going to the dentist or starting something new? Have you gotten the jitters before speaking in front of a large group or sweaty palms when thinking about the future?

These are common reactions when faced with something that’s scary or unfamiliar and it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong.

However, some people suffer from a more severe form of anxiety that causes more serious physical symptoms.

Do you ever feel like your problems are too overwhelming

Do you ever feel like you are alone and have no one to turn too, but have so many people around you

Dose your anxiety cause you problems and create challenges in your life.

Making you not want to progress in your career or even not want to leave the house on a daily basis.

sometimes you feel like your heart is racing and you can’t breathe correctly

Here are my 9 top tips to reduce anxiety

1. Take part in an activity you enjoy. This is a diversionary tactic that is meant to

do just that, divert your attention away from what is eating at you and do

something fun instead.

For example, if you’re struggling to forget a negative comment that one of

your friends said, go see that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Start

reading the novel you have on the shelf.

As you engage in activities you love, you’ll realize that what’s been bugging

you is likely irrelevant to your true happiness.

2. Go get some exercise. Nothing banishes worry like a good workout.

As you exercise, you’ll begin focusing on the parts of your body you’re

working on and the aspects you’re hoping to strengthen and tone. Your

anxiety will melt away. And when you’re finished exercising, you’ll feel


3. Just breathe. It may sound simplistic, but when you’re anxious, you may be

breathing too shallowly or quickly, which contributes to the annoying feelings.

Concentrate for a minute or two on your breathing. Pay attention to how it feels to inhale slowly and deeply and then to exhale in a way that feels calming.

Try it now so you can experience how slow, deep breathing relaxes you.

4. Reflect on what’s positive in your life. Shifting away from the worrisome

thoughts to consider your abundance is like a counterattack against your


5. Get a good dose of humor. Have a witty friend? Give them a call. Does your

sister crack you up? Take her to lunch. Even watching some of your favorite

comedy reruns on TV can remind you of the cleansing effects of laughter.

6. Take part in community activities. When you’re involved with something

bigger than yourself, your worries and insecurities seem to shrink. Working

together with others brings many positive experiences and feelings to your life.

7. Remind yourself of the love you have in your life. You likely have a partner,

children, siblings, cousins, or aunts and uncles who love you dearly.

8. Journal. Allow yourself one hour to write out every single thing that bugs you and why. Sometimes, giving the anxious feelings a bit of attention also serves to purge them from your thoughts. When the hour is up, move on to doing

something productive or fun.

9. Use visualization. Close your eyes and imagine your worries are collected onto a fluffy white cloud. Now, imagine that cloud with your troubles on it floating up, up, up, and away into the sky. You can barely see it. Then, it’s gone. Feel free to create a visualization that is to your individual liking to help your anxiety dissipate.