No One Is Allowed To Fail..

Millionaire Mastermind is an elite group that is capped to only 50 members. That is it, once it is full it is full.

Millionaire Mastermind is not for everyone, even the ones that apply sometimes dont get in.

However, if you do manage to get in, you’ll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds in the world of business your friends, and if you understand that success in life is less about what you know or even WHO you know…and more about WHO KNOWS YOU…

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On this page we will give a general overview of our Millionaire Mastermind. But if you are serious and would like to know more details then click the link to the right to see full detailed information on what and how we do it.

So what is Millionaire Mastermind

1. To bring together the greatest business minds of this new, exciting economy to share strategies, offer advice and reveal what’s working (and what’s not working) in their businesses a few times each year.

2. To nurture business partnerships and joint ventures between all of us that increase the level of success and lifestyle of every person involved.

3. To create a support group of entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketing professionals who each intimately understand the struggles, challenges and joys of building a lasting enterprise, and one where no brother or sister is ever left behind.

4. To create a much-needed peer accountability group that holds each of its members accountable to achieving their highest station in life.

Meetings are held four times a year in different parts of the UK.. This year, the meetings will be held…

Q1 Meeting: January – London
Q2 Meeting: Arpil – Manchester
Q3 Meeting: July – South Wales
Q4 Meeting: October –

Meetings start at 9:00am and go until at least 5:00pm, so members should plan to arrive the day before and leave the day after the meeting.

Also, Millionaire Mastermind is all about sharing ideas, and if each member presents just ONE AMAZING IDEA a year you’ll have 100 amazing ideas you can select from to implement in your own business. Any one idea could literally double or TRIPLE your business in 12 months, and you’ll have hundreds to choose from!

How do I know if I’m eligible to be a member?

As a general rule, your company must at least be run-rating £100,000 in revenues to be eligible for membership, but we do make exceptions for members who bring a specific skill or expertise that we feel will benefit the entire group.

We also make exceptions for funded startups with experienced teams that are in the high-growth stage of business but aren’t yet generating significant revenues.

To put it simply, if your company is active and growing and you personally have something to add to the group, then we would love for you to apply.

Membership in Millionaire Mastermind is “by invitation only,” and it is only offered a few times each year. On average, we receive hundreds of requests to join, but applications are made available to relatively few, and even fewer of those applications are accepted.

We have a strict no assholes policy. If you are negative or scarcity-minded, you will be removed from this group. We like a good joke. We eat well, we drink well and we enjoy the finer things in life, however, at the end of the day this is a business group, and if you take more than you give, you will be asked to leave.

Owners and top-level executives of established businesses as well as founders of funded startups are invited to join. If your business is still in “idea mode” and it isn’t yet capable of producing an ROI on your membership, however, please do not apply.

There’s almost NO challenge in your business that your Millionaire Mastermind members can’t solve (and usually in just a few minutes), but you won’t get maximum value unless you’re willing to be totally transparent. In other words, pride and posturing has no place in Millionaire Mastermind.

Millionaire Mastermind will show you what VIP really means. Successful people do successful things.

We stay at great hotels, we dine at the finest restaurants and we indulge.

Millionaire Mastermind will give you a chance to really TASTE success, and learn how to live a success filled life, but if you’re the kind of person who never picks up a tab, then this probably isn’t the right group for you.