Local Domination


How many times has their been too much month left at the end of your money. 

The solution
The system we have developed allows your business to have a healthy pipeline of leads and clients every single month. You will no longer have to worry about payday coming around to pay your staff or worry about how your going to pay the next mortgage payment, trust me I know how that feels I have been there. 

But not only will you get the full pipeline of clients you will also get our business coaches knowledge where we can evaluate your business as outsiders and keep you on track to your desired goal, also make you accountable for every action you take, or forget to take. 

We will utilise your website (if you haven’t got one we can help with that too) we will also utilise your social media to draw your potential clients towards you and your offer !!  

Our Offer
Do you want to make sure your phone is ringing with hot leads every day? Whether your business has been running 1 day or ten years, this package will completely transform its revenue. We’ll help you get the most out of your social media efforts and turn your website into a lead generation magnet.

Setup - £800

Monthly - £1995 £1495

Craig D coaching has transformed my business with a regular source of leads now coming through our website and social media. The accountability calls helps me to take action and to stop putting the big things off.
Paul Holland
Greener Homes Heating & Plumbing

Local SEO

  • 10 Keywords
  • Website Audit
  • GMB Profile Setup and Optimization
  • Local Schema Implementation
  • Business Listings
  • On-page Content Optimization
  • Monthly Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting

Social Media

  • Monthly Reporting
  • 8 Monthly Posts
  • Social Roadmapping
  • Pre-posting Approval System
  • Covers Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Done For You Hashtag Research
  • Visuals, Text, and Hashtags Done For You

Local SEO

Month 1 | Setup Phase

  • 30 mins intake call

    Our SEO campaigns start with a 30-minute intake call for us to make sure we completely understand the goal of the project and optimize our efforts to deliver the most return on investment.

  • Site Audit

    We do an extensive audit of the website to detect and prioritize all issues that can prevent performance and activities that help achieve goals. You’ll receive this audit.

  • Local Optimization Setup

    Our experts start by creating your Google My Business profile and strengthen your online presence through listing creations. We compile all the information you need in the Executive Report to show every listing created and how each of these listings provide the foundation for your online presence.

  • On Page Optimization

    Our highly trained team of Digital Marketers, Writers, Editors, and Webmasters will allocate up to 15 hours to fix the most important issues of the website in terms of technical SEO and copywriting, including sitemaps and robots.

  • Content Creation

    Our writers and editors will create and/or update 4 pages of high-quality SEO optimized content. All our on-page content strive to find the perfect balance between user experience and business goals.

  • Meta Title & Description Optimization

    Meta Titles & Descriptions are one of the most basic factors for ranking and directly affect the Click Through Rate of impressions on search engines. Our SEO Specialists and writers will optimize up to 10 pages of the website.

  • Schema Markup Organization

    Working on a local brand, we will add schema elements and use the data highlighter application so search engines can have a better understanding of the content, and to help search engines display important contact information such as location, phone, email and operating hours.

  • Initial Report

    At the end of the first month, we will finalize and compile the complete setup and optimization report in one neat file. All data from the initial report can also be seen through your dashboard in real time.

Social Media


  • A Complete Ideation to Execution Cycle

    Turnkey social media service that handles everything from ideation of your content calendar to optimizing your boosted post campaigns

  • Advanced Targeting

    Hyper-targeted audiences on Facebook to reach users who are most susceptible to what you’re advertising

  • Easy Revision Process

    See your content and suggest revisions before they get published to your profiles

  • Content Added Every Month

    Fresh content calendar every month, 5 days before your next cycle starts

  • Reporting

    Monthly reports with recommendations: Social Media Assessment, Social Media Content Plan, Social Media Insights

Month 1: The Process

  • Social Media Assessment

    We audit your social media pages and give initial recommendations to improve their visibility.

  • Social Media Playbook Creation

    The tone of voice to use, the products to talk about, and the brand persona will be established here. This will contain the audience profile and projected reach and results of the boosted posts based on the given budget.

  • Social Media Content Plan And Calendar Creation

    The playbook will be updated every month to serve as a calibration tool and includes the content roadmap and calendar.

  • Page And Boosted Post Monitoring

    Your pages will be checked every day for comments and messages. Facebook ads will run throughout the campaign cycle. Please note that during the first month, there are 2 posts created.

  • Social Media Insights

    Monthly Reports include analysis of the cycle’s results and recommendations for the next cycles.

Setup - £800

Monthly - £1995 £1495