Have Belief In Your Dream

09/07/2019 0 By Craig D
Have Belief In Your Dream

Success means nothing, and what you do now determines how the world sees you.

There is nothing in the world that we can not accomplish, the only reason we do not is because we believe it is not possible. The minute we stop believe something is not possible then it becomes impossible to us, But only for us

How many times has someone said the idea you have is absolutely crazy and it will never ever work. How many times have you believed them, how many times have you believed them and give up on your idea.

I am here to tell you, when you tell someone your idea, if they do not think its an absolute crazy idea, then your idea is not big enough. Then your idea is not shooting for the stars.

Think so big that people think its a crazy idea, your friends, your family and your enemies.

Remember if your a 5 year old playing football then you are just running around the field chasing the ball. But if you are a professional footballer then you wait at the place the ball is going.

All the great minds in the world, everyone once thought they was crazy and their ideas would never ever work. When their ideas started to work they become geniuses. Guys work it out, a great ideas are always crazy to someone. Never listen to anyone else because their opinions do not matter. The only opinion that matters is your own.

Everyone opinion can change in a heartbeat. But you may only get one shoot to make your business or idea work. So do not sit there thinking about all the problems because if you think about all the problems that can happen in your business, you know what will happen? You will not start your business or buy that fancy car or even make that ambitious investment.

Start thinking about the problem or situation when you actually cross that bridge and what you will realise is you have built up so much momentum that you will just tear the bridge down. The bridge becomes small obstacle where in the beginning it was one of the biggest problems you had. Do not think about your problems until you cross that bridge.

The less you know about a problem the more chance you have of solving it. Because for one main reason you do not know the pit falls, you just know about them when they happen.

Never be afraid to go out and do the things you know nothing about.

You was not born to be mediocre. You was born to do something great, this is why you listen to my podcasts. When you was born and the doctor smacked you on your arse and passed you to your mother, he did not say “here you go, you got an average child” did he?