Craig, what inspired you to become a business coach?

I would probably say my personal experiences in the past has definitely inspired me to become a business coach. I have experienced mental lows in the past where I felt like I couldn’t go on in life and I was fixated in a constant negative mindset. To overcome this low point of my life, I realised that changing my outlook on life really made a difference. I learnt ways in how I could shift these moments of depression by analysing how I think and feel as a person and I began to feel myself getting back to normal. After overcoming mental struggles myself, I was eager to qualify as a wellbeing coach and give back to the people who really need the help and support I so greatly required before. 

What would you say is your favourite thing about your career?

Helping people enhance their mindset and seeing the difference I can make to their lives is definitely my favourite aspect of my career. I have had clients come to me feeling severely unmotivated and low and seeing the difference in them physically and mentally after my support is the best feeling for me. 

What have you learnt from your role as a business coach?

As a business coach, you continuously learn new things. I’m always progressing as a coach and what people want and need to overcome mental struggles. For example, I’ve recently learnt how powerful yoga is to achieving the power of living in the Now. 

The Motivational Life Coach

What is your number one tip to obtaining a calm and positive mindset?

I think my number one tip would be to bring yourself into the current moment. Appreciating the Now can allow you to have time out from any anxieties you’re feeling. We teach people how to successfully bring themselves into the Now and how it can make a difference to any mental challenges you encounter. It is my number one tip to obtaining a calm mindset because it improves your thoughts and reactions in life and enhances your outlook. 

Craig D Wright is a fully qualified life & business coach.

Titled the UK’s number one motivational mindset coach.

He has published two best-selling books

based on overcoming stress and anxiety and the power of goal-setting.