Courses & Group Coaching

All our online courses come with weekly group coaching sessions and access to our private facebook groups.

6 Week Enhancment

We have brought together the best coaches in certain fields to cover all aspects of your life, physically and mentally. From a professional nurse and fitness instructor to a business coach and spiritual coach we have covered all angles to make you the best person you possible can be.

So using our online members area with pre recorded videos and content, to weekly live sessions with all the team we know we can transform and Enhance your life.



We teach people ways to manage and reduce Stress, Anxiety levels and Low mood, freeing them up to focus on achieving the things that really matter.

Once the course starts you will get accsess to our members area where there are videos you can watch. There will be documents you can read. Our coaches will also go live in our private facebook group.

Mindfulness means being more aware of your experience, without judgement. That’s a key to living with more appreciation and a greater sense of choice.

Business Transform

Are you wanting to start your own business, you have an idea but you are unsure how to start. Shall you become a LTD company, V.A.T registered or sole trader? Your thinking about things like accountants, solicitors and markerting.

Have you started your own business and you thought the clients would flood in, but they are not. Your unsure on how to take it to the next level? We will help you take your Business Idea > Start Up > Business. This course is for small to medium sized businesses.


Advanced Marketing

Discover how to achieve growth in your business with strategic marketing techniques on this advanced marketing course. 

This blended learning approach to Advanced Marketing helps learners to understand and apply the strategic marketing approach to growth using a combination of marketing models and popular case studies.

From Social Media to Email Markerting we cover it all.