The Types Of Coaching We Do

1:1 Coaching

During your first business coaching session, we will:
  • Assess your business beforehand to identify which strategies could be useful to you.
  • Introduce you to at least 3 powerful frameworks you can start to use immediately.
  • Identify ‘quick wins’ you can go away and do.
  • Give you clear information on exactly how business coaching will work with us.

This is where we work with your Business 1:1. We will find the best solutions for you, your business and your team. All packages include 1:1 calls twice every month.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is where the sessions we do as the name states are in groups. All our Group Coaching is done through the courses section of our site.

These are structured sessions and run for a set amount of time. Normally 6 / 12 months.

All our group coaching packages have access to your private facebook groups to help with your development. We work on one topic per month.

The general structure of our courses / Group Coaching is we will talk about 1 topic per month. You will get accsess to the pre recorded content at the start of each month with a like call at the start and end of each month.