One on One Coaching Programs

As all these packages are custom to your business the information here is a guideline. For more details on how these coaching sessions would work with your business then please use the free 15 minute call to book your consultation.

The prices quoted on this page is for a guideline online and will depend on how much work is involved.

The training is either done over the phone or through video calls that can include several members of your team. If you would like the training to be done face 2 face then a travel cost can be provided.

We also do custom programs and training for your business. We can help you with anything from brainstorming to progression. Please book a 15 minute call to see how we can help you.

Train Your Sales Team

When I’m talking to sales managers and their organisations, we see three issues that crop up repeatedly:

Firstly, it is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain sales talent.

Secondly, managers are not supporting their team enough in their own development.

Thirdly, and largely as a result of the first two, organisations and individuals are missing out on sales opportunities.

Effective coaching of your sales people addresses these issues and leads to more positive outcomes and there is a huge body of evidence in support of this.


Millionaire Mastermind

If you are seriouse about your business and you would like to become part of the elite. Then take a look at our Millionaire Mastermind.

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